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Anti Spam Filter for Exchange, IMail, Domino and any other mail server
Email is a security hazard. Many viruses, worms and trojans use email to spread themselves throughout the Internet, and almost every day new types of malware appear.

It is of vital importance for administrators and users to keep email security up-to-date. Byteplant's free Email Security Check is intended to help you with this task.

Check Your Email Security Now!

On this page, you can request a set of sample messages to be delivered to an email address of your choice. These messages can be used to perform a basic test if your email filtering setup is working. Keep in mind that if even one of these test emails reaches you, you should take immediate action to protect yourself by checking the settings of your email security solution.

To start the test, enter a valid email address for your domain here:

Description of the Test Emails

There are seven test mails our server will try to send:

Notes and Disclaimers

Fight Spam and Viruses - Spread the Word and Help People To Secure Their Email

You can help others to secure their email and make the internet a safer place by linking to this page. All you have to do is to place this HTML code on a page of your website:

Free Online MIME Email Validation

Our free online MIME validator checks the compliance of MIME messages with IETF standards RFC 2822, RFC 2045, and RFC 2231. MIME errors detected by this validation tool may result in a message being unreadable by some mail clients, or cause the loss of message attachments.